We have reinvented debt collection!

troy combines successful debt collection with CRM. We recover your debts yet also ensure that you retain the customers you spent so much to acquire!

The troy effect

Are you aware of the fact that a significant proportion of your customers simply hasn’t paid due to an oversight or through no fault of theirs?

Valuable customers…

Exactly how high this proportion is in your case depends on your business sector and on your previous processes. However, even in business sectors where customers pay by direct debit, customers that find themselves temporarily short of funds are still worth keeping! After all, you have invested a lot of money into the acquisition of these customers.

…remain loyal to you!

A debt collection service should make every effort to not only successfully recover the money owed but to also maintain as many of your customer relationships as possible. That is our mission! That is also why only people who are committed to achieving this goal join the troy team.

The future of debt collection is customer-friendly!
That is why troy is the right partner for you!

we are the churn preventers

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